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“Om Meditation Journey” -Audio CD

By Peter Shane
Price: $15.00
Running Time: About 1 hour

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“Om Meditation Journey” -Audio CD

Peter Shane’s “Om Meditation Journey” is one of the world’s best selling Om CDs of all time. At the dawn of the first day of the year 2000, over 1,000,000 people celebrated “Om Day” through out the world. This “Om Meditation Journey” CD was one of the catalysts that helped bring “Om” consciousness on “Om Day”.

Carefully blended various human voices, ocean sounds and rare ethnic Indian instruments create the ultimate transcending “Om” CD. This “Om Meditation Journey” CD is an experience that cannot be fully described, as it gently guides you into a state of deep relaxation. When used daily, the “chatter of the mind” will begin to quell its oscillations and help bring about mental calmness, peace of mind and reduce the stress of daily life.

Om meditation is used daily by millions of people through out the world. The gift of “Om” through this CD is for everyone from meditators, mothers wanting to help their babies sleep better, yoga classes, martial artists and anyone who desires to find their deep space of tranquility. Just sit back, relax and listen to the soothing sounds while slowly calming the chatter in your mind.

Caution: This CD is intended to put you into a deep state of relaxation, Do Not operate any machinery while listening to this CD.

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