“I’m here to tell you that Mr. Shane is the real deal in all ways, a great soul, excellent teacher and master at his many Martial Art skills and techniques. Anyone can benefit from his knowledge, compassion and presence.”  -L.A. Jones, -The Blues Master

Qi Gong 2 – “Five Golden Postures” – Intermediate Level DVD
Price: $24.99
Running Time: 80 minutes
Language: ENGLISH
Format: NTSC

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This Intermediate “5 Golden Postures” Qi Gong Series is part of two of a three-part series. In this DVD, I place greater emphasis upon fuller breathing in order to promote a deeper level of “Chi” cultivation and rooting of body awareness. This series takes you further into your practice as though I were there personally giving you a private class. Practice daily and take advantage by building on the lessons that you have absorbed from the Beginner Series to continue refining your development of Chi cultivation and a new way to vibrant health.

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