WellSpring Herbs- Peter Shane

WellSpring Herbs Has been making the highest quality organic products since 1991. Master herbalist and longevity health expert Peter Shane along with WellSpring Herbs are the ultimate source for optional health. These traditional herbal preparations are organically grown and wild harvested, many which have been used for thousands of years.

Since 1972, Peter Shane’s dedicated studies of Eastern alternative healing, have taken him all over the world to master these fine healing disciplines which has earned him worldwide recognition for his knowledge and expertise. Once you start using our power herbal formulas, you will feel the deference from ones sold in healthy food stores. See why so many people incorporate them with their juicing and food programs, so they can achieve vibrant energy for a better Quality of Life.




Shane Heath Resources, Inc.

Shane Health Resources, Inc.: Has been “Manufacturing Dreams Since 1991”. Peter Shane continues to developed, formulate and manufacture thousands of unique private label products for the domestic and international markets. Producing everything from high-end cosmetics and toiletries, to natural health and beauty aids. With our on-site, full service R&D laboratory, it is capable of custom formulating for all our client’s needs. Peter Shane is well known as one of the top experts in the industry for his multi-million branding and media campaigns. Visit our website for more information on manufacturing custom products and building business branding strategies.





Is an amazing FREE Online Global and Digital Magazine. Peter Shane as well as many other top experts in their fields, once a month contribute their time to write about life changing events, science, arts, entertainment and many subjects that help shape the future of our lives and planet. This top rated magazine has something for anyone who likes to learn about our wonderful, fast changing world.




Carrie Rowell – Top Lomi Lomi Massage Expert
Ancient art of Hawaiian Temple Style Lomi Lomi massage has been used as a powerful tool for maintaining a healthy way of life. Carrie is one of the top teachers in the world. If you ever get a chance to get a massage from her, it will always be coming from love and affection. Your world will be rocked. She does seminars across the US and in Europe, and also has great DVD’s and well a many other products.




Nightingale Conant
A great resource for audio educational and business information. I have been buying and recommending educational material from these folks for decades. This company was one of the pioneers in bringing great motivational speakers into your life. Instead of listing to the radio every day going to work, listen to a motivational audio that will enhance you life.


Shambhala Books
Classic spiritual books from Meditation, Yoga, Taoism to Buddhism.


Gaiam Health Products
Conscious household products for healthier living. Real Goods: Solar Products for an ecologically sustainable future.




L.A. Jones and the Blues Messengers
Hard hitting Blues from Albert King to Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters. He has played with most of the old time blues master and they all say that LA Jones is one of the greatest blues player in the world today.


Suzanne Teng
Great Massage Music. A flutist, percussionist, dancer, composer, teacher and recording artist from Berkeley, California. She makes great relaxing music, wonderful for when you want to fully relax.


Robbi Robb & the Butter Thief Band
Great music, great spiritual guy. Has collaborated with many top rock bands He was voted by “Guitar Magazine” as one of the ten best rock guitar players. I was lucky to have him do the music on all my “Qi Gong DVD’s.” ​




Art of Living Foundation and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Great meditation center with over 25 million members.


The Kabbalah Center
4000 year Jewish hidden mystical wisdom.


Zen Mountain Monastery/Abbot John Daido Loori
A formal Zen Monastery upstate N.Y.


Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization
Self Realization Fellowship in Malibu California has wonderful gardens, many get married there. A great relaxing spiritual place.


Osho – the Great Mystic
Osho was one of the great spiritual minds in the last 100 years. His teaching are still practiced by millions of people daily.


Master Yogi Hari Yoga and Nada Productions Inc. Great teachings from a humble and very insightful master. Instructional DVDs, music that help heal and calm the mind & body. This is authentic yoga at its best!


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