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Want a healthier life style? Clean out your home and body!

It is spring and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the season to clean out your home and your body. After being cooped up for the season, the winter is finally over, and many of us are just waiting to get back out in nature for a breath of wonderful fresh air, doing the activities we love to do. Our bodies want to move and start feeling healthier……so what do we do?

Some Facts:

Americans are getting lazier and fatter. In the movie: “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”, the average American eats low nutrition, high saturated fat and high sugar diets. They consume an average of 150 pounds of sugar a year, per person and of the sugar consumed, 50% comes from toxic high-fructose corn syrup found in fat-free products, such as salad dressings, as well as regular soft drinks. 68% of Americans are at least 25 pounds overweight. It is no wonder American citizens experience health crises and negative self-image issues. *(reference #1)

Americans are clogged with prescription drugs. The “Journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings”, states that 7 out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription drug and more than half take two or more prescription medications. Women receive more prescription medications than men. Antidepressant prescriptions are more common among women than men, and 25% of women ages 50 to 64 take antidepressants. A whopping 20% of the U.S. population takes over five medications! *(reference #2)

Americans create unhealthy environments around them through their clutter. It is estimated that most Americans do not use over 50% of what they own. These items just lie around the home, collecting dust and many are still in the original packaging.

Here are some highly effective ways to get your life on track, burn fat, get smarter and have the energy to accomplish your goals for the rest of the year.

Your Home:

Create a healthy home environment for you and your loved ones:

– Clean out your home: The average person stores so much unnecessary things in their home that, it is actually unhealthy. Rid all the paint cans and toxic chemicals that are just lying around, releasing noxious fumes into your sealed and insulated home. Gather the clothes that haven’t been worn in year and give them away. Not only are there many who do not have proper clothing, unused items are covered in mite-infested dust. Now is a great time to hold a garage sale and make money or donate them for a tax write-off. Get rid of your stuff before it gets rid of you.

– Use only natural soaps, cleaners and clothing. The average home has so many different cleaning products that, if you rid your home of these the toxic chemicals, it will greatly enhance your health and the environment.

– Install a water filtration system for your shower and drinking water. Any type of filtration system is better than nothing.

Your Body:

– Clean out your body: Drink liquids that hydrate, nourish and flush out toxins from your body, such as good filtered water and organic fruit and vegetable juices. Freshly pressed juice help your body become stronger and build a tougher immune system.

– Go Organic! Eat whole, nutritious organic foods that help to create powerful health for you, your loved ones while supporting a sound environment, too. You are going to be eating the rest of your life, so find out what tastes good and what works best for your body type.

– Do some type of exercise each day. Exercise helps cleans out your body and is absolutely necessary if you want to be healthy. This can take many forms: Walking, Dancing, Running, Stretching, Breathing, Sweating and even making heart thumping love.

– Get a massage or some hydrotherapy. This is a major way to reduce stress, detoxify, sleep better and just feel over all healthier.

Your Mind:

– Clean out your mind: Create a healthy mental attitude. Turn off the TV and clean your surroundings of stress-inducing negative news and programs. Not only does watching television waste your time and life, eliminating television will help you sleep even better.

– Empower and educate yourself. Driving to work, listen to positive educational programs. Just an hour a day could be the equivalent of having a college education in a year or two of just driving to work. Not only will make you smarter, but it is a great way of learning something that could give you have a higher income.

– You become your thoughts and your words: Eliminate negativity by focusing on positive thoughts and words that embody who you are and the way you want your life to become. This will create Love, Laughter, Passion, Peace, and fun in your life.

Life is constant change, just as the seasons. So start by cleaning out your home and body. We as a world of one (humanity), need to step up and make positive changes in out lives for the future and it always starts at home, so we can all have a better Quality Of Life.


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